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Micha Gorelick

programmer, builder & astronaut

Former mad data scientist at fast forward labs, author of High Performance Python and "screaming at mean people from a podium" professional at @occrp and @the-markup. Currently working on the Digital Witness Lab. I spend my days moving data at light speed and my nights crusading against bad code. I also like building things and bikes. Can be found at or

projects — the things that have been keeping me busy on the computer

  • Citizen Browser Using crowd-sourced data to investigate Facebook
  • Summarization Talk a talk about how to use computers to summarize text (press 'p' for the notes)
  • Quantified Self an immersive play that uses your internet presence to explore the effects and implications of data
  • high performance python 2e a book all about how to make your python code run at the speed of light
  • gohll HLL++ implementation in go for amazing probabilistic set operations with ease
  • go count me a leveldb backed k-min values database to store and compare large sets
  • count me maybe python explorations of probabilistic distinct value estimation and hash entropy
  • forget table a sweet redis based database that stores categorical distributions and forgets data smartly.
  • cider-go use any redis client to talk to a cluster of redis servers with redundant shards for great win.
  • bitly story api want to know what going on with a set of urls? this is thing for you!
  • bitly realtime bad ass math and databases showing you what's happening on the internet.
  • realtime streams learn about real time stream processing with bitly's simplehttp suite. do it.
  • shell-config need awesome bash/zsh/vim/screen configurations? look no further!
  • seamresize resize things smartly. toy project but still awesome.
  • outflow-driven turbulence massively parallel code to see how new stars stir turbulence. read the paper!
  • misc code a github repo of some stuff I made before embracing git... enjoy!
  • other stuff! venture into my github page and see what else there is.

blog — full writeups on awesome projects

blerb — short and sweet... mainly galleries or quick how-to's