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Micha Gorelick

programmer, builder & astronaut

Projects to come
who knows what the future holds?
I also want to use this blog as a place to write down the projects I want to try doing on top of talking about the ones I've already completed. So, here's a list of what's coming up and what I would like to come up:

In the works:
  • 3D Whiteboard (almost done!)
  • 3D Volumetric Display (anyone want to donate an optical bench or some mirrors? :) (with help from Darryl)
  • Fusor (anyone know how to make a cheap vacuum chamber?) (together with Darryl)
  • python Hobbyist Observer Tool (phot?, almost done... but not ready for the public yet)
  • pyremote (python tool set for the mac remote... basically done, I'm just making some modules ftw)
To come:
  • Ferrofluid (I'm doing this one for the kids at a local highschool)
  • Hologram of Saturn (well, I have the camera, now I just need some clear nights!) (Helping Darryl)
  • Micron sized tractor beam! (too cool to say no)
  • Tape as an x-ray source (again, vacuum chamber?)

Materials Wishlist:
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Chamber! (or at least the materials to make one)
  • NeHe Laser
  • Heavy Water (harder to get in Canada than I thought... united nuclear has some if someone wouldn't mind bringing me some back from the US)
  • Microscope
  • Oscilloscope
  • Wave Generator
  • LCD Projector (3d (whiteboard|display))
  • That paper thing... what's it called?... money?
On top of those personal projects, I'm also working with Chris Matzner on protostellar outflow-driven turbulence. To put shortly, we are basically seeing if jet's shot out by young stars, protostars, can cause a feedback effect and, by the creation of super-sonic turbulence, slow down star formation rates. I'll put a post about that sooner rather than later... I think I will start a one post per day rule to get this thing going.
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